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Design Optimization in the life of Dr. Min-Soo Kim
When he studied to develop the automated design tool for gear system based on AGMA standard in 1986~1987, he met the numerical optimization theory first. It made a deep impression on his life. He developed his first design optimization tool, IDOL during that time.
In 1988~1993, he worked at the research center in an automotive company. He did CAE works including NVH and design optimization. The approximation concept in I-DEAS optimization leaded him to another optimization world. He studied deeply the sequential approximation optimization, the design sensitivity analysis and mathematical optimization theory. All these studies have been used to solve many practical designs and to elevate the performance of IDOL.
In 1994~1997, he returned to the university as a Ph.D. student. He joined the research team for developing MBD optimization tool. To do this, he extended IDOL to handle the dynamic response optimization.
In 1998~1999, he returned to the automotive company and became the project leader of design optimization. Then, He felt the need for the easy design tool that CAE engineers operated in only ten-minute training, even though its' development could be difficult.
In 2000~2006, he worked at university as a research professor. He studied deeply the design of experiment, approximation concepts, meta-model methods, reliability analysis and multi-disciplinary optimization. Then, he systematized the theories of them and developed the numerical tools for them in the context of design automation and integration. He called his new works as INOPL series. Finally, he accomplished his long-cherished design tool that was easy, efficient and powerful.
In 2007~2008, he joined FunctionBay, Inc. Then, his easy design tool AutoDesign was embedded into the multi-physics CAE software RECURDYN. Many specialists evaluated that AutoDesign was superior to other optimization tools embedded in CAE software.
In 2009, he established Institute of Design Optimization, Inc. in order to turn his optimization works into products. Then, he presented EasyDesign that was a stand-alone version of AutoDesign in 2011.