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The dynamic load history is needed to perform the FE analysis of moved mechanical equipment. It is gotten by the measurement or the dynamic analysis. Also, dynamics which is based on the analysis process is the beginning of all CAE analyses. RecurDyn has been evolved as the professional CAE program from MBD (Multi Body Dynamics) to the FE analysis, the optimization analysis, and the automatic control. Especially, the importance of Mechatronics (mechatronics = mechanics + electronics) in the mechanical equipment is increased gradually and the CAE analysis which is reflected by it is essential. RecurDyn most efficiently analyzes to the mechanism plant and the control plant in a solver. RecurDyn V7R5 is innovated as the world's first dynamic program by including the nodal method of FEM and the self-mesher function. Also, RecurDyn has the integration of analysis from the load analysis to the fatigue analysis by adding the fatigue analysis.
  • Professional
    • General MBD solver, pre-/post-processor and Customization
  • Interdisciplinary Toolkits
    • MF BD, Control, Lubrication and Optimization modules
  • Application Toolkits
    • Well-developed Mechanical systems for inter-disciplines
  • Communicators
    • Interfaces gate for CAD and third-part products
Belt Worm Gear FFlex Praking Gear
Gear Nodal gear Piston
Chain FFlex Valve Contact Linearguide
Contact Rackpinion Suspension
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