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RD/AutoDesign is an efficient design optimization tool for RecurDyn, which integrates the design of experiments, meta-model techniques and numerical optimization techniques.

Unlike other design optimization software, AutoDesign can successfully integrate the meta-model and numerical optimization techniques in the context of automated design optimization process. It requires nearly minimum sampling points for constructing the initial meta-models and improves the fidelity of meta-models by automatic switching the regression models during optimization process. It can overcome the numerical singularity for insufficient data when constructing meta-model. It even overcomes the analysis failure of RecurDyn during optimization process. Also, the optimization techniques are automatically selected for the given design formulation. Thus, the user just defines his design problem.
Design Optimization
DFSS/Robust Design Optimization
Reliability: SAO Hybrid Method
Reliability: Monte-Carlo
Design Study
  • Aerospace & Defense: Wing and fuselage structures, Landing gears, Helicopter blade design, Doors, Satellite solar panels, Barrel, Ammunition
  • Automotive: Vehicle and component weight reduction, Vibration modes separation, Maximized energy absorption for crash safety, Optimized bushing rates for multiple handling maneuvers and ride profiles, Suspension design optimization
  • Consumer Products: Sporting goods, Packaging, Bicycle frames
  • Energy: Wind turbine blades, Offshore structures like thick-walled tubular, subsea pipes, tanks
  • Government / Civil: Concrete structures, Bridges, Barriers
  • Medical: Stents, Hospital equipment (e.g. bed, wheel chairs), Surgical devices
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